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I now wish to put my extensive experience in the area of international cooperation as well as my wide knowledge of the institutions to use...

My project

Having always been acutely aware of inequalities and injustices, I have long wondered why I happened to be born in a country where everybody could go to school, eat their fill or even go away on holiday, while elsewhere, others’ lives are marked by periods of destitution, wars and oppression.
I am proud to have worked on behalf of the landmark project that is the European Union, the number one donor of development aid, and am convinced that it is Europe’s duty to share its benefits and wealth.
It is my hope now that by making available my unique skillset, consisting of but not limited to my extensive experience in international cooperation, my knowledge of the European Institutions, the European Commission and EU programmes, my expertise on issues relating to local governance and project management, my vast network of contacts and my passion for development aid, I can continue to be of service in these areas.
I would like to continue working with local authorities and their associations to promote international cooperation as well as with the European Union and all the donors and government representatives; not to mention NGOs and the private sector in order to encourage new alliances and pool together innovative synergies promoting development.


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My background

I was born in Tuscany, in a rural family, who taught me the value of a good day’s work and the meaning of solidarity as well as the importance of dialogue and being open to others. My passion for languages, and French in particular, led me to Paris.
Since graduating from Sciences Po with a degree in international relations, I have contributed for two decades to the European construction and the struggle for greater local democracy through my work with the Council of European Municipalities and Regions. I have worked with elected representatives and colleagues from associations of local and regional authorities from every European country, which entailed different languages, cultures and political sensibilities, and I have closely collaborated with the European Institutions and the European Commission in particular.
Ever since the creation of the United Cities and Local Governments in 2004, I coordinated the contribution of its European members to this world organisation, which represents the voice of cities and conveys messages to the United Nations on their behalf.
After leading the lobbying action which resulted in the launch in 2007 of the EU programme, Non-State Actors and Local Authorities, I directed Platforma, the voice of local and regional authorities for development cooperation, supported by the European Commission’s DG DEVCO.
I now wish to start a new phase in my life with a project that is more personal but which still promotes international cooperation and development to help build a better and more equitable world for all.

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